About the course

This course has been designed to ensure that the counsellors available to work with clients who come through the Ben Raemers Foundation have a deeper understanding of the specifics and nuances of skateboarding. The courses use examples of our work to enable this understanding as it is the experience potential clients will have had from our organisation. This very brief course is intended to enable trained counsellors to understand our organisation better, why we were established, examples of our other work, and how the skateboarding community experiences us as an organisation. Through this, we hope practitioners will have a compassionate and empathetic understanding of the potential journey skateboarders would have been on to arrive at this service.

Who is the course for?

This course is for qualified counsellors interested in being on the database of counsellors that can support clients who come through The Ben Raemers Foundation. This partnership’s full Terms and Conditions can be seen here. The course should take up to three hours to complete.


This course aims to provide counsellors with a comprehensive background to The Ben Raemers Foundation, enabling a sense of understanding of the needs of the potential clients that will come via us. This is to help ensure a sense of trust and acceptance between the clients, counsellors and The Ben Raemers Foundation.

Learning Objectives

  • To understand the identity and work of The Foundation
  • To understand the population group we work with
  • To understand why this project was developed.
  • To understand the needs of the population group

The course should take around 3 hours to complete