This course is aimed at healthcare professionals from a range of backgrounds, and aims to help you to work more effectively with your patients by supporting them in building enhanced self-esteem and confidence.  This can be highly valuable in enabling patients to respond well to treatment and to more effectively manage their own recovery and well-being.

This course has been certified by CPD UK – the CPD Certification Service. You can therefore rest assured that it has been assessed and meets their high standards for learning.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

1. Explain various ways of understanding self-esteem
2. Explain how issues of self-esteem and confidence are relevant to healthcare.
3. Review a range of support skills
4. Evaluate how these skills can be used in your professional healthcare context
5. Apply learning appropriately to your own CPD requirements


The examples and activities given in the course are directly related to the healthcare profession, and will guide participants to think about how best to use relevant skills within their roles.  Many of the skills and ideas presented in this course are used by professional counsellors and other talking therapists.  Please be aware that this course is not designed to train you to become a counsellor or the sole provider of mental health support for your patients, but to give you the skills and tools to support them within your existing role alongside a qualified mental health professional where required.


The course requires self-directed learning. In addition, you do not need to purchase any books or journals to complete this course, but there is a section on recommended reading at the end of the course should you wish to continue learning more.


Upon completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate for 10 CPD hours.


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