The National Counselling Society (NCS)  can help you with your CPD requirements if you’re a counsellor, healthcare professional, teacher, or working in a public-facing role.

Our CPD courses can help you add counselling skills to your toolkit and come with certification direct from the Society. The Society holds an Accredited Register of counsellors and psychotherapists recognised by the Professional Standards Authority.   Most importantly, our CPD courses are designed by the Society, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

The National Counselling Society is also a member of CPD UK – the CPD Certification Service.

Why Learn Online?

Online courses are growing in popularity, because they are an easy and practical tool allowing professionals to meet their professional body’s requirements for CPD hours at a time and pace that suits them.

Studying online and at your own pace means that you can take the time to digest the information that’s being presented to you, and as a result really make the most of the activities and training tools the course offers. You can also either review the content again and again until you’re happy you fully understand it, or you can move to the next topic as soon as you need to without having to wait for other students.

Because we are a Member of CPD UK – The CPD Certification Service, you can therefore rest assured that our Certified courses have been checked for quality by an independent organisation.

Why Choose the NCS?

The National Counselling Society (NCS) is one of the UK’s leading professional associations in the field of Counselling. Our Register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, and they are accountable to Parliament. Therefore, you can be assured that our organisation is reputable and of good quality.

We have thousands of practicing Counsellors on our Register: from newly qualified Counsellors through to highly experienced Counsellors with decades of experience. So that we can create the best courses possible, we have drawn on the expertise of our colleagues and partner organisations to create these courses. As a result, we are confident that they will be a powerful tool for professionals who are looking for a practical and effective method of learning about Counselling.

Why is CPD important?

The Heath Care Professions Council (HCPC), or your professional association, may require you to provide evidence of suitable CPD. This is first of all to ensure that you are building upon the foundation of your existing skills and knowledge, and are furthermore able to provide a better service to the public.  It is therefore becoming increasingly important that you are able to demonstrate a commitment to CPD to maintain your professional registration.

Studying counselling skills and related issues as part of your CPD portfolio not only can meet professional requirements but can also be of direct benefit in your work with the public. In addition, it can help you better understand the mental health aspects of your professional role.

Join the National Counselling Society

If you are a healthcare or otherwise public-facing professional with an interest in counselling, you may be interested in Companion membership of the National Counselling Society. We also have a variety of levels of Registrant membership for counsellors and psychotherapists who would like to join the Society.

As part of your membership, you would receive our monthly newsletter, invitations to our nationally-run CPD events, material benefits such as discounts on books, services, and courses, all in addition to the support and guidance of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

To find out more, and to download an application form, please visit the National Counselling Society website.

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